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* I purchased a 3 hour cleaning from one of the deal sites and they did an excellent job with my home. I was completely satisfied with their attention to detail and professionalism. Excellent quality!

Lisa K. of Atlanta, GA

* I found this company on Craigslist and I have to admit that I was kind of apprehensive at first, but they did an excellent job and I am beyond satisfied with their quality of work for the price. I received their 3 hour cleaning special and because they have 2 cleaners getting everything complete was twice as fast compared to other companies! I would HIGHLY recommend Geeky Girl Cleaning Service to all!

Carrie J. of Duluth, GA

* Bought a special with Geeky Girls Cleaning and loved it! Happy to say that I am a regular client now they always leave my home smelling fresh and clean. Excellent quality with great pricing I can't complain.

Stan of Atlanta, GA


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